4 Kitchen Island Design Ideas

4 Kitchen Island Design Ideas

Modern kitchen designs include islands that do more than beautify your kitchen; they provide extra space and storage. Here are some things to keep in mind when designing your kitchen island, as well as 4 great kitchen island design ideas.

Kitchen Island Design Trends for 2022 - SubZero Wolf

Before Building Your Kitchen Island

The first thing to do is to consider what you want your kitchen island for. Some designs accommodate a second sink, while others are for storage and still others are to create an additional space to serve and eat food on. Once you know the purpose your kitchen island will serve, you’ll have an easier time deciding on the best design for it.

Next you must figure out your available space and how much space you’ll need for your island. Experts suggest if you have an island with a dining counter, the distance from the dining counter and wall should be 60” and the distance between the island and wall cabinets should be 42”. If your island is in front of your appliances, you need enough space to open the doors (such as the fridge or oven), and still use the appliance.

If you’re going to use your island to store build-in appliances such as a smart microwave or a dishwasher, you’ll need to determine the best height to accommodate them. You should also consider lighting and, if you’ll be using the island for a sink, plumbing.

4 Kitchen Island Design Ideas

No matter how your space is arranged or how large or small it is, a kitchen island is almost always possible.

Island with drawers and range

Kitchen Island with Drawers

A kitchen island is supposed to provide you with additional space and traditionally includes shelves and/or cabinets. However, you can have a kitchen island that is loaded with easy-to-open drawers to create more space for cookware, bakeware, and storage containers.

Kitchen Island Design Trends for 2022 - SubZero Wolf

Play With Shapes

A kitchen island doesn’t have to be a square or rectangle. You can play around and make custom designs that make your island stand out. Curves or different lines and edges such as an L-shaped island, creates a unique look for your kitchen, while also providing you with the advantages of an island.

Go Small

Not all kitchen spaces are large enough for a traditional kitchen island, but you can create a custom-sized island that fits just about any area. If you have a tiny kitchen, have a tiny island.

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Stove and Sink Island

If your space is large enough, you can build an island that can house your range, oven, and sink all at once. This frees up your countertops for more work surface area and allows you to participate and talk with guests while you’re cooking, rather than doing it with your backs to them.

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Having a kitchen island is a great and affordable way to increase your kitchen storage capacity and countertop space. These 4 kitchen island design ideas will hopefully spark your imagination and get you started on having the perfect kitchen island for your space.