5 Risks When Buying Used Appliances

5 Risks When Buying Used Appliances

We can’t choose when our appliances wear out but they eventually all will, sometimes when we don’t have the finances to replace them. In such cases, sometimes we consider buying used, but there are risks to consider when buying used appliances.

Consumer Reports shared that buying used appliances can be a cost-saving tactic but if you want to buy appliances with the latest technology, you’re better off getting new ones than purchasing used ones. Otherwise, consider these 5 risks of buying used.

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No Warranty for Used Appliances

Most major appliances come with a manufacturer’s warranty that protects you in case of a failure or malfunction. Used appliances do not have this kind of protection so if you buy it, and it doesn’t work (or stops working), there’s nothing you can do beyond potentially expensive repairs.

Mismatched Appliances

When you’re buying used appliances, you are limited to what’s available from people who are selling them. If your kitchen appearance is important to you, you may have to bite the bullet and buy a new appliance that matches your decor.

No Professional Installation

Buying used appliances means you’ll either have to install the new appliance yourself or hire someone to do it. In either case, you can’t be sure it’ll be installed properly, and if it’s damaged during the installation, it’s not covered.

“Used” is Relative for Appliances

Just because a used appliance looks like it functions perfectly, doesn’t mean it does. For example, you might go look at a refrigerator that the seller plugs in to show you it’s working, only to get it home and realize it’s no longer working, or it has a water leak that you did not see when first looking at it. Or an oven or stove might look great, but it turns out the previous owner let grease build up inside of it in such a way to make it unusable.

Bad Customer Service from Used Appliance Store

Customer Service

When you purchase new, the appliance seller handles the transaction, transportation, and paperwork so you can buy with confidence. The opposite is true if you purchase a used appliance, especially online.


Sometimes it’s necessary to buy a used appliance because a new one doesn’t fit in your budget, but these 5 risks when buying used appliances should give you pause before you decide to. Instead of buying used, consider looking at clearance items, open box, scratch & dent, or display model appliances.