7 Great Tips for Better BBQ

7 Great Tips for Better BBQ

Grilling season is upon us, but it doesn’t have to be just burgers, hot dogs, and steaks. Here are some tips and recipes to spice up your grilling game for better BBQ, to impress your guests, and make grilling fun and easier.

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Try New Foods

When we think of grills, we think of traditional foods like steaks, burgers, hot dogs, and barbecue, but there are tons of different types of foods you can cook on a grill.

Chef Alina, for example, gives us a tutorial on how to cook pizza, steak, and veggies all at once, on a Napoleon Prestige Pro 825 Grill in this Youtube tutorial.

The BBQ Pit Boys have a Youtube channel with more than 2 million subscribers and hundreds of videos sure to rouse your taste buds with recipes for anything from pineapple shrimp or chicken wings, to bacon cheese potato wedges (warning: don’t watch if you’re hungry).

Delicious BBQ Grilling

Let Meats Warm Up

Want juicier meats?

Letting your proteins come to room temperature before cooking helps them retain more moisture. Professionals suggest letting your fish, pork, beef or other proteins will help them cook more evenly and be more juicy.

Create Different Heat Zones

You can cook different types of foods on the same grill if you have different heat zones. Steaks can be seared quickly on high heat to get that delicious char and retain moisture inside but you don’t want to put veggies on the same super hot surface.

Rather, regulate the temperatures in such a way that you have a warming spot, a warmer spot, and a hot spot to accommodate different types of foods. This will allow all the foods to finish cooking at the same time, too.

Smoke meats on any BBQ grill

Smoke Some Meats With Any Grill

You don’t necessarily need a smoker to smoke meats. You just need smoke. To accomplish this, create an aluminum “bag” to hold your wood chips. Soak your wood chips for at least a few hours before putting them in the aluminum pouch. Poke holes in the foil to allow smoke to escape. Smoker boxes are also available if you want something a little nicer and reusable.

Cook your meat “low and slow” by maintaining a temperature between 225 and 275 F and keeping the meat away from the direct heat. Keep the lid on. As they say: “If you’re lookin’ it’s not cookin’.”

Let Meats Rest

There’s a science behind “carryover cooking” which is the period of time after you remove the meat from the heat source (whether it’s the oven or grill). Depending on the cut of meat, the internal temperatures will rise anywhere from four or five up to as much as 15 degrees when resting.

Experts suggest “tenting” the meat with aluminum foil as it rests, to help preserve moistness and avoid steaming the surface of the meat.

Make Your Grill Non-Stick Naturally

It’s frustrating to try to flip your foods only to find them stuck to the grill. There are a couple of ways to make your grill naturally non-stick: Potatoes or onions.

Simply cut the potato or onion in half and rub the cut surface over your grill grates. Voila!

(Better BBQ Pro Tip: Meats will usually naturally unstick when they are ready to be turned)

Control Flareups Easily

A little char is a great flavor, but too much will ruin your perfect burgers. Fats that drip down and cause flareups can char your foods too quickly. Make sure you have a spray bottle handy to quickly quell any flareups and protect against burnt foods.