Air Frying

Air Frying

Have you heard of the newest trend going on in kitchens everywhere? Air frying!

Coming from the South, frying is a staple in our kitchen. We love fried chicken, chicken fried steak with gravy, fried okra and pickles, fried green tomatoes really are to die for, hush puppies that of course will go with our fried catfish and my favorite, fried pies! Sadly, as much as we have a love for fried food, it is not a healthy choice. As we try to maintain better health, we have implemented the air fryer to keep some of our favorite comfort foods that are just too good to give up on.

Air Frying

According to GE more than 4 million stand-alone air fryers were sold over a recent 12-month period. GE Appliances, a Haier company, has decided to take the hot air fry trend to a whole new level. The leader in industry firsts for cooking is adding a hot air frying mode to its new CAFÉ™ and GE Profile™ lines of built-in wall ovens, giving consumers a convenient, clutter-free option. Food from the air fryer will have that crisp texture we are looking for with less oil. Reducing the amount of fat and calories in our food, allowing my family to eat healthier.

Of course, there some other great features that are there to make life easier. With Wi-Fi Connect, this feature allows you to control oven functions from your smartphone. I was leery regarding how much I may use this feature and surprisingly I use it often and love it! Don’t have time to preheat? No worries, you can save that time with a variety of precision cooking modes that eliminate the need for preheating. Also, having the true European convection ensures consistent, even baking every time. The heavy-duty oven roller racks glide in and out smoothly and this really makes basting meats so easy, I do not know how I was cooking without this oven! Glass touch controls and electronic dial controls allow smooth oven operation and easy cleaning.

GE 7000 series wall oven & air fryer

Custom Air Fryer Ovens

Last, we must go over the big style feature that is like having that perfect accessory making your favorite black dress pop! With Café appliances you can add custom handles and knobs to match or contrast your kitchen palette for a custom look. You have the option to change your hardware to a different finish to bring your personal kitchen vision to life. Any good interior designer will tell you to incorporate textures, patterns, finishes, and materials that will visually connect the home. These layers create warmth, depth and balance that flows throughout your space. I went with the Matte White with brushed bronze hardware and I get so many compliments. The choices are of either brushed copper, brushed bronze, brushed black or brushed stainless hardware and Voila your kitchen becomes unforgettable.