Annual Appliance Maintenance

Annual Appliance Maintenance

Appliance Maintenance

Fall is here sprinkled in with a little wintry mix and it is the time of year that I think more about fire safety. Appliance maintenance is essential to keeping your appliances running safely and efficiency. I find such comfort in having my dryer vents and exhaust cleaned properly. I witnessed a huge 3 alarm fire next door to me as a child. The cause of the horrible fire was a lint-clogged dryer exhaust.

Appliance maintenance is not something we may all think of as a needed service. You service your cars regularly to keep them running properly. Then it also makes sense that your appliances would need regular care. Regular appliance maintenance will extend the life of your appliances. Of course we all know appliances can be a serious investment!

For instance, your fridge’s compressor gets overworked when the condenser coils are clogged. Your fridge will last much longer if it is properly cleaned and maintained. Having your washer professionally cleaned means more sanitary and better smelling laundry, without mold or mildew buildup.

Boston Appliance Product Care service professionals will clean and inspect your appliances, including their internal parts and components.

There are 3 maintenance packages to choose from:

Washer and Dryer maintenance and cleaning package $179. Your expert tech will inspect both your washer and dryer for noise, wear and tear, proper functionality, and any water an gas leaks. They also clean the internal components, which makes them run better, and can help prevent dryer fires!

Kitchen Appliance maintenance and cleaning package $199 that includes 3 kitchen appliances. Keep food fresher and even longer and have your fridge running quieter. Your range and dishwasher will be cleaned and inspected for top performance and efficiency.

Or there is the 5 appliance kitchen and laundry bundle for $329. This is the one I do annually because it is the best bang for the buck. It’s a small price to pay knowing you are safer, and your appliances will last longer and run more efficiently.

Appliance Maintenance in Boston and Woburn areas