Appliance Maintenance

I’ve heard people talk about preventative appliance maintenance before, but I never took it that seriously. My wife and I are always careful to clean the lint trap before and after every load of laundry. I thought that was enough to keep everything safe and continue doing loads of laundry as normal. I was wrong.

Last week while drying clothes, our dryer started smoking a little, and smelling bad. We vacuumed out the dryer’s lint trap compartment (even though it looked clean) and tried running it again. This time, it smoked a lot and set off the smoke detectors. To be perfectly honest, I think we’re lucky we caught it in time, or it would have started a fire.

Save Our Dryer!

After all of that, it was time to have our dryer cleaned up and maintained properly. When they took apart the dryer, there was large clumps of lint stuck in the heating element. I was blown away! We always keep it clean, where did that all come from?? Then they blew out the drum and vents, and there was a pile of lint and debris on the floor! On top of that, our house’s dryer vent was fairly clogged up as well, and it wasn’t even that old.

Thankfully, our dryer lives again! Now that I’ve experienced some of the potential hazards firsthand, I understand how serious and important proper appliance maintenance really is. Forget about maintenance to simply protect the appliance, and make it run more effectively/efficiently. Appliances can be easily replaced. I’m going to make sure my appliances are maintained properly to protect my family and my home. I’m going to call Boston Appliance Product Care and let them do the dirty work. You can reach Product Care at 781-935-2700, or visit them at 58 Cummings Park in Woburn, MA.

Appliance Maintenance

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