Best Appliances to Buy for The Holidays on Any Budget

Best Appliances to Buy for The Holidays on Any Budget

To make your home more, well, homier, adding new appliances really warms up the place. Not only will new appliances improve the look and feel of your kitchen, but Consumer Reports found new stainless steel appliances significantly increase your home’s value.

With the holidays fast approaching, here are some appliance ideas to fit any budget.

Maytag Oven Range with Air Fryer


We’ve all heard the hype of air fryers. Hot air fryers are used to create healthier meals. They cut down fat by as much as 80 percent, reducing other harmful effects of deep-frying. Imagine a new range with one built in! That’s right: A solution like this Maytag electric range with an air fryer a great option to have this healthy alternative to deep-frying.

For a budget-friendly option, this 30-inch Electric Range with Warm Hold range from Amana provides enough space for casseroles without breaking the bank. For gas ovens, this 30-inch Gas Range from Amana is an inexpensive but worthwhile investment.

The cream of the crop, this highly-rated, Bosch combination oven is a popular choice for those who want versatility in their oven.

Summit 24" Wide Wine Cellar

Wine Cellars

For the chef who has everything, a wine cellar is a good option. There are a lot of different things to consider, from size to space. A quality wine cellar can be built-in or freestanding, depending on the space you have to work with.

Summit Fridge with Freezer on Top


According to Energy Star, an Energy Star certified top-mounted freezer is the most energy-efficient option for refrigerator-freezer combos. From economical 24” models to larger capacity refrigerator-freezers, Boston Appliances has many models to choose from.

Lynx Smart BBQ Grille


From convenient and compact to professional grade, today’s grills are not the same they used to be. Experts report that grilling during cold weather doesn’t stop many from enjoying a nice barbecue.

While some might enjoy an old-fashioned charcoal bbq grill, others might be over the moon to receive a high-end, smart grill with rotisserie or a beautiful pellet grill for deliciously smoked goodies.

Things to Consider Before Buying

Before spending time and money on kitchen appliance gifts, make sure the recipient has the space needed to accommodate whatever appliance you’re purchasing. Consider warranties, rebates, and return policies and make sure the recipient is clear on these.

Try to stick to energy-efficient appliances and consider creative ways to have it delivered for the holidays. Most places are closed on those days.

Take time to look through clearance items, too, to find even better deals.

Imagine cooking this year’s holiday dinner in a fancy new kitchen. With the right products, delivered and installed, you could be proudly presenting your holiday dishes, created with the help of beautiful new appliances.