The Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerators of 2013

The Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerators of 2013

counter-depth-french-door-refrigeratorCounter depth French door refrigerators are gaining popularity in professionally designed kitchens.

A few weeks back, we pointed out that french door refrigerator sales have increased each year since 2005 and gave a few explanations for their recent rise in popularity. They save space, offer the most flexible storage options on the market, and are designed to give convenient access to the food you use the most.

The french door look is taking over in high-end home kitchens. And designers often opt for the counter-depth configuration, which brings the depth of the refrigerator in line with your cabinets.

This saves space in your floor plan and offers a built-in look without the associated price tag. Counter depth french door refrigerators definitely come with a price premium, but nothing like integrated refrigerators, which run up to 3 times the cost.

The best counter depth french door refrigerators are big on smart storage (to make up for the shallow depth), full-featured and priced competitively against other full-sized units. They’re just about the best refrigerators you can put in your kitchen without roping in a design professional for a custom renovation project.

Let’s take a look at our best-selling counter depth french door refrigerators in three price ranges: under $2000, under $3000 and under $4000.

Prices listed are manufacturer suggested retail price – always call your dealer to ask for a better deal. You’ll usually get one!

The Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Under $2000

KitchenAid KBFS20EVMS – $1999

This one sneaks in just under $2k, which is about the lower bound of the price spectrum in this category. That doesn’t mean it lacks features:

  • Internal refrigerator and freezer sensors monitor and stabilize temperatures automatically
  • Interior water dispenser & automatic ice maker with PUR® water filtration system
  • Independently adjustable meat locker and humidity-controlled crispers

The 19.8 cubic foot capacity is on the small side for the category – but “small” is relative to your household size. We would recommend a size upgrade for a family of 4 or more, but any less than that and you should have plenty of room to store food.

You definitely don’t want to buy a fridge that’s too large, either — you’ll buy more food to fill it, which will spoil when you can’t eat it fast enough. Why pay for space you don’t need? This is the most affordable counter depth french door unit on the market, from a nationally recognizes dependable brand. We sell a lot of these to couples and one-child families for precisely these reasons.

The Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Under $3000

Frigidaire Gallery DGHF2360PF – $2899

The KitchenAid is a great model, but if you have a family of 4 or more under the same roof, it’s going to be a tight fit. Enter the Frigidaire Gallery, with more usable space and more versatile storage options packed into the counter depth configuration.

With 22.6 cubic feet of storage, it’s nearly 3 cubic feet larger, and makes smarter use of its internal space. Shelves and drawers are completely modular — arrange them flat to store wide pizza boxes, or stack the crisper drawers vertically to make space for something like a wine growler or multi-layered sheet cake.

Even the door storage is better – wide enough to fit a gallon of milk. Moving tall beverages to the doors may not sound like a huge advantage, but it really gives you a better view of what’s on your shelves and makes your refrigerator ‘feel’ larger than it is.

The Best Counter Depth French Door Refrigerator Under $4000

Electrolux EI23BC65KS – $3649

The EI23BC65KS is the less expensive of the two Electrolux counter depth French door refrigerator options (the EW23 series retails for $4099 and would also sneak in under the $4k benchmark if you call and ask for our best price).

Electrolux is a dream brand to work with because their service rates are among the lowest in the industry. Of the “designer” appliance lines,

Electrolux is also the best all-around kitchen line, from an overall quality, aesthetics and value perspective. If you need to pick up a dishwasher, range and/or microwave in the same visit, Electrolux’s generous rebate program gives it a leg up over direct competitors in the price range. Buy more than one Electrolux piece in the same visit, and you’re eligible for up to $1200 in package rebates (for a 4-piece Electrolux kitchen).

Download Electrolux Rebate Form [PDF]

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