The 6 Best French Door Refrigerators Under $3000

The 6 Best French Door Refrigerators Under $3000

French door refrigeratiors have enjoyed a surge in popularity lately, as our sales in the category have increased every year for the past 5 years. The price gap is closing between top-mount and french-door refrigerators, and more homeowners and developers are finding the upgrade in design and functionality to be worth the small price increase. We estimate that 60% of the refrigerators we sell are French door units.

The main draw of the French door configuration is that it keeps your food within arm’s reach – so no more bending down to access the crisper drawer. The freezer, which you likely need less access to, is in a pull-out drawer on the bottom. And unlike side-by-side models, french door refrigerators feature full-width shelves, so you can still store large serving trays.

French door refrigerators represent the best mix of accessibility, storage versatility and capacity on the market. You can learn how they stack up to other configurations in our refrigerator buying guide.

Here are quick reviews our 6 best-selling French door refrigerators, sorted into price tiers:

Under $2000


Frigidaire – Model FFHB2740PS

Frigidaire has been building reliable, inexpensive kitchen appliances for 85 years. Their french door refrigerators are a great entry level price point for the style.

Full-width cool zone drawers are great for storing large items, like sheet cakes and snack trays. I also like the Energy Saver Plus feature, which switches the unit into Energy Saver Plus mode after 24 hours of inactivity. It’s a great feature if you travel frequently or own a second property that you don’t live in year-round.

Under $2500

This price tier is incredibly competitive, and companies usually spring for a “money” feature to differentiate it from other units in the same price range. All four of these models in this range are solid options, and the choice usually comes down to standout features and design preference.

Frigidaire Gallery – Model FGHB2866PF

Gallery is Frigidaire’s “designer” line, and it is quite comparable to other manufacturers whose french door refrigerators start above the $2000 price point. Upgrade to the Frigidaire Gallery and get a few extra features:

  • flip-up spill-safe shelving, for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • a Pure Air filter, for better humidity control
  • smudge-proof stainless steel exterior, to maintain the sharp look of a professionally designed kitchen


Electrolux – Model EI28BS80KS

Electrolux’s calling card is highly usable products with slick design. Many of their features are oriented toward accessibility and ease of use. Easy-glide shelves and an integrated LED light system make it easy to see and organize your food.

It also has some neat features like a soft bin storage for ice cream and frozen yogurt, which keeps it at that perfect cold-but-not-frozen temperature, so you can serve it a moment’s notice.

GE Cafe Counter-Depth French Door Refrigerator – Model CFCP1NIZSS

If you have space limitations, GE Cafe’s french door refrigerator comes in a counter depth model. It’s a very popular choice for people who want the french door design, but need their refrigerator to sit flush with their counters.

GE Cafe’s distinguishing feature (on both standard and counter-depth models) is that it makes more efficient use of storage space than its competitors. For instance, GE Cafe builds a water dispenser into the side wall of the refrigerator to allow for more usable storage on the shelves.


KitchenAid – Model KFIS29PBMS

Customers occasionally object to the bottom-freezer design on French door refrigerators because they worry they will lose food at the bottom once other food is stacked on top of it. We like to point these people to KitchenAid’s french door model with a 3-tier freezer. The adjustable door bins with removable inserts eliminate any obstacles when storing oddly-sized containers.

Under $3000

Electrolux Icon – Model E23BC68JPS

Electrolux Icon improves on the basic Electrolux french-door refrigerator model. My favorite addition is the customizable temperature drawer, with 9 preset programs for things like soft cheeses, shell fish, and white sparkling wine. Icon also has a Pure Advantage Filtration System to keep the internal environment free of odors and chemicals that will spoil your food.

Hopefully this gives you some sense of your options in the french door refrigeration market. If you’d like to read more before you make a decision on a new fridge, don’t forget to grab a copy of our refrigerator buying guide by clicking the button below.