Comparing Our Best Front Load Laundry Packages: Frigidaire Affinity vs. Electrolux

Comparing Our Best Front Load Laundry Packages: Frigidaire Affinity vs. Electrolux

Front load laundry units have been gaining popularity among customers for some time now. Since the first front load washer & dryer pair arrived in 1997, the style has become more affordable and more popular, thanks to a few distinct advantages over top load units:

  • Roughly half of the water usage of top load washers (approx. 15 vs. 32 gallons per load)
  • Gentler on clothes: top load units spin clothes around an agitator, which will rip threads out of your clothes over time. Front load washers gently tumble your laundry.
  • Greater capacity – the agitator in a top load unit eats into its capacity.

Our two most popular (and best selling) laundry pairs are both front load units:

Frigidaire Affinity Front Load Washer / Dryer

FAFW3801-FAQE7001LW-frigidaire-front-load FFFS5115PW_FFSE5115PW_frigidaire-front-load
Retail Price: $1598
Retail Price: $1798

The Frigidaire Affinity series is a nice mid-level laundry package with some features you won’t find in other comparably-priced units:

  • Vibration control, which gives the customer a silent wash cycle. It’s very popular in multi-story homes, so as not to disturb the floor below the laundry room.
  • Drysense technology, which detects moisture and adjusts the dry time to save on energy.
  • A stay fresh door seal. Early front load washers would accumulate residue in hard-to-reach places, which lead to mold and odor buildup that sticks onto your clothes. The Affinity’s water jets blast away these hard-to-reach places after every wash to prevent buildup.
  • The Ready Steam upgrade is useful for taking care of expensive, delicate fabrics (like cashmere or silk), as it uses only steam to clean these articles of clothing.

The steam feature offers customers a quick alternative to ironing. Throw a wrinkled shirt or garment into the dryer, set it on the steam release cycle for ten minutes, and it will come out wrinkle free.

The Affinity has a good amount of room for a typical 4-person family. With a 3.26 cu. ft. washer and a 7 cu. ft. dryer, it eclipses the capacity of top load units (but falls short of our other top seller, the Electrolux pair).

Electrolux Front Load Washer / Dryer

EIFLW_EIED50LIW-electrolux-front-load EIFLS_EIMED60JIW_electrolux-front-load
Retail Price: $2098
Retail Price: $2498

Electrolux laundry is the next step up from the popular Affinity series. We sell more Electrolux laundry packages than anything else in the category. Here are the main upgrades over the Affinity:

  • Largest capacity in the category (4.2 cubic ft. washer / 8 cubic ft. dryer, vs. 3.26 and 7)
  • Line Dry and Allergen Cycles
  • Drying Rack (dry your shoes and delicate clothes on a stationary rack, so they don’t tumble)

The allergen setting increases the water temperature to kill dust mites that live on clothes. And the Line Dry cycle communicates to the dryer to not completely dry an article of clothing, like a pair of jeans or a dress shirt, to avoid shrinking or twisting the seams of delicate articles.

With so many cycles and options at hand, Electrolux’s washing machine also allows you to set a “my favorite” setting for your most used cycles.

Frigidaire Affinity vs. Electrolux Laundry – Which Should I Choose?

The Electrolux is our best-selling laundry pair, but you should think about whether you will benefit from its advantages over the Affinity. If you have a large family and do laundry all the time, the Electrolux will save energy costs and time with its larger capacity washer and dryer. When you run multiple loads a day, consolidating one less load here and there can be a godsend – you’ll save time better spent with your family.

If your household is a bit smaller, and you are less concerned about protecting clothes with dedicated cycles (Line Dry) and features (drying rack), then the Affinity is a rock-solid laundry pair at an affordable price.

These are our two best-selling laundry packages, and they aren’t going anywhere in 2014. Either one you choose is built to last in your home.