Blomberg Refrigerator

Blomberg Refrigerator

I have had my new Blomberg refrigerator with bottom freezer for about 3 months now. I am still excited to tell people about it each and every time I am asked “How’s your new fridge?” It’s the best!

I never knew that my vegetables could last 2 weeks more than I am used to, sometimes longer! Not only do they last longer, they are more vibrant and flavorful. Lunch meats, same thing. I have spent years wasting food that I didn’t even know could last much longer.

Blomberg Blue Light Technology

Blomberg Refrigerator Blue Light Technology

The Blomberg has exclusive Blue Light Technology – a breakthrough in keeping fruits and vegetables fresh and juicy long after they’re picked. Continuous blue light rays illuminate the crisper and allow the natural process of photosynthesis to continue. Prolonging storage life and preserving natural flavors, colors, textures, and nutrients. That blue light is also nice to see when you open the door.

The other feature I love is another Blomberg refrigerator technology that simulates a natural process to bring pure freshness to your kitchen. By producing negative ions inside the refrigerator, Ion Fresh captures and neutralizes airborne bacteria, odor-causing microbes, and ethylene gas, extending the life of fresh fruits and vegetables and keeping circulated air clean and fresh smelling. No need to have a box of baking soda inside, this technology works much better. It smells fresh every time I open the door.

With my purchase I opted for the versatile chrome bottle holder that suspends from a shelf to provide convenient extra storage. Ideal for chilling wine or keeping tall bottles of cold water on hand, this practical accessory makes the most of every inch of space. Also, the freezer compartment is highly functional. Overall, this is a very quiet fridge!
I spent a long time researching before I made my purchase and finally zeroed in on Blomberg. This fridge has everything we were looking for and more!

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