Bosch Dishwasher Reviews: Ascenta vs. 800 Series

Bosch Dishwasher Reviews: Ascenta vs. 800 Series

bosch-SHX3AR75UCThere are two things consumers really want out of a dishwasher (aside from clean dishes): quiet operation and energy efficiency. It’s no accident that Bosch has built their reputation around solving these two pain points.

In fact, their company tagline bills as the “Quietest Dishwasher Brand in the US,” which isn’t lip service. People who buy a Bosch dishwasher frequently report back in disbelief that they can barely hear it while the cycle is running.

Every dishwasher in the Bosch lineup is designed to be quiet and efficient. And for that reason, it shouldn’t surprise you that Bosch dishwashers account for over 60% of our sales in the category.

Bosch is the most consistent dishwasher manufacturer on the market going into 2014. In this post, we’ll review the Ascenta Series (Bosch’s entry level line) as well as the more spacious and flexible 800 Series.

We chose two models that we believe represent the best value at their price point: the SHX3AR75UC and the SHX7PT55UC. Let’s review them both.

Bosch Ascenta Series Review (Model SHX3AR75UC)


The SHX3AR75UC is a great entry model into the Bosch line.  It showcases a mix of convenient features that no other brand is willing to offer at this price point:

  • Sanitize Option: this option eliminates bacteria and enhances drying results. If you are washing baby bottles, this feature gives you peace of mind when it comes to those you care about the most.
  • Express Wash option gives you the flexibility to wash your dinnerware in less time (under 30 minutes)
  • Delay Start feature gives you the option to start a load of dishes 3 hours, 6 hours, or 9 hours in the future. A feature that benefits any person with a busy schedule, and no time to stay at home and worry about clean dishes.

Retail Price: $799

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This model comes equipped with hidden controls (pictured) which disappear when the door closes. Not only does that make for an incredibly sleek look, it also prevents young children from tampering with the dishwasher controls in the middle of the cycle.

We recently named the SHX3AR75UC as one of the 3 best dishwashers under $1000.


Bosch 800 Series Review (Model SHX7PT55UC)

You may ask yourself, ‘how could anyone need anything else to make their lives easier?’ The answer to this question comes in the form of the Bosch 800 Series model.

Aside from having a decibel rating equivalent to the sound of washing your hands, the SHX7PT55UC is also packed with features and built for versatility:

  • The thrid rack with dedicated spray above is beneficial for anyone washing large knives, large cooking utensils such as spatulas, or serving spoons. The third rack can also be used to clean silverware. The extra usable space from the third rack is a major deciding factor when people decide to step up to the nicer Bosch model.
  • The Rackmatic adjustable rack feature allows you to adjust the height of the rack, making it easier to clean larger trays or serving dishes.
  • The capacity of a dishwasher is important when you have a large family or frequently entertain guests. This spacious Bosch dishwasher has room for 16 place settings.

Retail Price: $1299

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Again, we want to stress that Bosch accounts for over 60% of all dishwasher sales here at Boston Appliance. The brand is solid from top to bottom, and our customers typically walk out happy no matter which model they choose.

Not finished with your research? Download our free dishwasher buying guide, which is packed with knowledge we’ve gained during our 60+ years in the appliance industry.