Boston Appliance New Product Launch Live at Boston Appliance Showroom!!!

Boston Appliance New Product Launch Live at Boston Appliance Showroom!!!

aurbanpicWith such a demand for fresh foods and fresh ingredients, the Urban Cultivator gives everyone the opportunity to grow and enjoy their own fresh herbs and flavorful greens in just days any time of the year. Whether you live in a single family home in the countryside, or a 5th floor walkup in Boston, the Urban Cultivator has a plethora of benefits for everyone. Urban Cultivator is ideal for Home Garden Enthusiasts, anyone who is Looking for Health Benefits, Interior Designers, Chefs who need Micro Greens, or anyone who Loves Fresh Food. It takes minimal effort to gain maximum results.

Let’s face it, not everyone was born with a green thumb so the Urban Cultivator’s patented pre-programmed control center makes sure your greens get exactly the right amount of water and light, and the onboard fans control humidity and air circulation.  When it comes to kitchens we don’t expect you to sacrifice style for design. Each Urban Cultivator comes with customizable designs, such as optional butcher block tops, that allows the unit to fit seamlessly into any kitchen design. Let’s not forget about the health benefits from eating a healthy diet of freshly grown greens. Leafy vegetables lose up to half their nutritional values with days of harvesting.


The Urban Cultivator gives you the full amounts of harvesting mere moments before eating. Putting it simply, the Urban Cultivator is an enclosed hydroponic system designed for continuously growing herbs and smaller vegetables indoors. An integrated computer controls watering and light cycles, and also activates built-in fans to maintain proper humidity and air circulation. Users are required to add supplied organic fertilizer once a week, and eat the greens when they’re ready for harvest. The consumer model, known as the Kitchen Cultivator, hooks into the home’s existing power and water systems, like a dishwasher – not coincidentally, it is also about the same size as one, so it can be installed in the same sort of spaces. A bigger Kitchen Cultivator is also available, that doubles as a kitchen island. Both versions have caster wheels and solid maple butcher block tops, that can serve as food preparation areas.



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