The GE Café Collection with The Kitchen Hub

The GE Café Collection with The Kitchen Hub

The Kitchen Hub has changed my life, let me tell you why. For many of us there are long days in the kitchen coming. For myself I will be baking endless amounts cookies and pies, oh my! I make about a dozen loafs of some special bread for my family and friends. Christmas Eve is a big gathering of extended family and this year I am hosting! All with 3 little ones at my feet. Sounds like a disastrous nightmare in the making.

The GE Café Collection

Well, this year, I have no fear. I am looking forward to all those hours in the kitchen, kids and all. Why? We just had our new kitchen installed and we purchased from the Café Collection. This collection has so much style I feel like I am cooking in a magazine worthy kitchen. We purchased the matte white with brushed bronze handles. I love with the copper accent it comes with, it’s like the matched jewelry to your favorite black dress!

Besides the big impact the style of it all has, they are all smart appliances in some regard. My oven can be turned on for preheating from anywhere, I just need my phone. I love the convection as well as the induction top on my slide in range which can boil a quart of water in just 101 seconds! It can maintain exact temperatures for perfect melting and simmering. The dishwasher is beautiful, and quiet. My refrigerator has so much style and I love the lighting inside, it is like a museum for your food!

GE Kitchen Hub

The GE Kitchen Hub

Now, this all seems like a lot, it is not even my main attraction. That would be the Kitchen Hub– it is my everything. Not only does it absolutely serve its purpose which is for venting over my range. It truly is the HUB of the kitchen. Looking into this for our ventilation I was concerned about two things the venting not being good enough to keep the screen from having condensation that would cause damage. Also, as a short person, I thought the video and picture options would miss my short self. Both concerns are debunked, and I am happy to say that I was wrong.

The unit has Screen Moisture Protection System (Air Curtain) protects the screen by expelling small amounts of air around and below the screen to keep the touchscreen area dry and clean. The Air Curtain keeps airflow running down the front of the screen pushes the grease and steam away from the unit. This function also reduces grease and moisture from condensing on the screen. On top of that, the video display captures the room. I can stand next to my tall husband and it has both of us in the screen shot no problem because of the wide angled lens.

Smart Home Integration

The Kitchen Hub has become our command center! Our Nest is connected, and we can monitor the babies’ room which is nice. I love to use the Tasty app on this screen while cooking, Tasty is known for their video recipes and I just love how they are set up, I really love having the recipes videos over head and the screen is so big that no matter where I am it is visible. A great feature that keeps a special closeness with your family is the Hub’s two cameras that make video chatting, picture sharing and pinning—easy. I can cook with my mom anytime I want now, she can really see the stove, I can see her, she can tell me if I put in too little or too much seasoning. We love it. The Hub is compatible with any smart home apps that are available in the Google Play Store. The sound quality is also great for music.

Finally, it is for sure a showstopper in your kitchen. With the entire package from GE Café, I am living my magazine dream kitchen.