Cove Dishwashers

Why did I finally decide to buy one of the amazing new Cove Dishwashers? Well, my In-Laws are coming for a visit. The guest suite is off the kitchen. I run the dishwasher at night turning it on as I head to bed. The last time they were here for a visit they complained the dishwasher was so very loud, it kept them up. I never noticed as the main bedrooms are not near the kitchen. I listened as it got going one night after they had filled me in on the noise and my goodness, they were right! Well, not this time around, they will have a much better sleep experience.

We had been waiting for the much-anticipated Cove dishwasher to come out. We are already a part of the Wolf and Subzero family; they have a quality in standards that just cannot be beat. The longevity of their products beat everyone in their industry. The Aesthetics, features, and performance it makes their entry into the dishwasher market exactly what you would expect.

Thank goodness the control panel layout is very user friendly. That is important to me, my last noisy dishwasher had the worst and most complicated control panel. My sister who is not too tech savvy house sat for us a couple of weeks last summer. She was unable to even figure out how to turn on my last dishwasher! This one, I tested the user friendliness with her, and it passed with flying colors.

Cove Dishwashers

Features of Cove Dishwashers

Excessive thought has clearly been given to the control layout to ensure that the control panel hasn’t been over complicated. The LCD interface provides clear instructions as to what option is being used and provides direction as to what control operations are needed. Besides the near silent operation, it dries dishes better than any unit I have ever used, even plastic! The racks adjust as to fit large awkward pots and pans, with easy to see green levers that guide you to right where you need to be. Adjustments also work great with a removable top third rack for added room.

Overall, I am very happy with this purchase, it matches the classic Wolf and Sub-Zero stainless steel or accepts custom panels to integrate into any kitchen design. More importantly, I know that it’s built with premium grade materials. In fact, Cove dishwashers are designed to last a minimum of 20 years! Major components are subjected to extreme stress tests prior to going into the final design, and every major function is tested before shipping. With the 5-year warranty on all parts and service with the Wolf Sub-Zero unrivaled customer assistance for life, you cannot go wrong.

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