Electrolux Washers

Electrolux Washers

Electrolux Washers 417 Series vs 617 Series

Electrolux washing machines have been a consistent best seller here at Boston Appliance. And owning a pair of Electrolux washers myself, I can understand why. They are quiet, designed well, and easy to use; not to mention the features are actual features people use in their everyday lives. The difficult decision is whether or not you want to spring for the higher level 617 Series, or stay with the basic 417 Series. For this post I will compare the differences between the base level “417” Electrolux Washer and the top level “617.”

electrolux washers 417-vs-617

Electrolux Washers

Looking straight on at the two washers, aesthetically they look almost exactly the same. However the 617 Series has a few more features the 417 Series does not. These features include:

  1. Smart Boost™ wash feature premixes the detergent with the water. This happens before it goes into the unit to maximize the effectiveness of the wash.
  2. A 15 Minute Fast wash allows you to throw in a few items you need quickly to go about your day, and not have to wait around for your clothes to be finished. We all have busy schedules and very few of us have time to sit around waiting for laundry.
  3. Perfect Steam™ with Enhanced Stain Removal. Steam washing opens up the fabrics of the material to give a deeper clean, and remove stains easier.
  4. Stain Soak™ works similarly to the Smart Boost™ premixing water and detergent with stain remover before the cycle begins. This creates a powerful yet gentle cleaning solution. Then it optimizes the wash program based on the stain you select.
  5. Sanitize setting increases water temperature to ensure a more effective cleaning cycle.

Consider the Features

All of these features above are standard on the 617 Series Washer, but not on the 417. However the 417 Series Washer is not without its own charm. Both 417 and 617 feature a Perfect Balance™ system that, when properly installed, the washer will not vibrate and cause unpleasant noise when the spin cycle is on. They also both have a Fresh Water Rinse feature that drains the dirty water out, and rinses your clean clothes with fresh water. And for those of you who enjoy a washing machine that looks cool, the Electrolux Washers both have a beautiful, and easy to read LED display.

Let’s face it, doing laundry is a chore. Until they create a laundry unit that picks clothes up off the floor, washes and dries the clothes, then folds them and puts them away for you we’ll have to do the best with the technology we have, and this technology is the best it’s ever been.

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