Fisher & Paykel Built-in Coffee Maker

Fisher & Paykel Built-in Coffee Maker

You want a Built-in Coffee Maker, and you’ve started doing some research. You’ll find that Fisher & Paykel’s design philosophy is that the kitchen is about people. And when you think about people – their habits, the ways they live and interact, etc… You get an abundance of experience that traditional kitchen planning and appliances often ignore. Fisher and Paykel’s Social Kitchen is where food meets design to create food experiences that toss assumptions and start new conversations.

The Fisher & Paykel Built-in Coffee Maker with 13 beverage options it is designed to consistently make your coffee just the way you like it. Forget about a Keurig, and you can fire your current coffee shop. The selections are all you need and more! Americano, Cappuccino, Coffee, etc… Coffee strength and Cup size in 5 levels, 4 + manual Double espresso, Espresso, Espresso macchiato, Flat white, Hot milk, Hot water, Latte, Latte macchiato, Long black, Personalized coffee, and more.

Steam takes pre-ground and has adjustable coffee strength, temperature and multiple coffee cup sizes. Intuitive display shows memory, refill, cleaning and maintenance settings. There’s a self-cleaning function and removable drip tray for an effortless clean. With Back to School here and the morning rush up and running this machine will save time and you will not beat the quality in your cup. The kids can make their oatmeal, and hot chocolate. That will help your efforts of leaving the house on time. No more stopping on the way to school, waiting in lines or fighting extra traffic.

Let’s not forget, the kitchen is the humble engine room in which we live – where we create, socialize and enjoy the best life has to offer. Let’s reclaim the kitchen. The Barista is at home!


Built-In Coffee Maker