GE Panel Ready Built-In Compactor

GE Panel Ready Built-In Compactor

GE 15″ Panel Ready Built-In Compactor – UCG1650LII

The GE Panel Ready Built-In Compactor (model UCG1650LII) provides a powerful performance, while blending in with your kitchen seamlessly. It does require custom panels to provide the appearance that would match your kitchen the best. A trash compactor is beneficial to have because it saves room in your kitchen and you would not have to empty the trash as often. This model has a hidden control panel that is located behind the compactor door, which adds to its upscale appearance. It opens with a toe kick under the unit, which makes it easier to open while you are holding items to put in it.

UCG1650LII Compacter

The UCG1650LII is made out of heavy gauge steel and has leveling legs with rear wheels. It has a capacity of 1.4 cubic feet, a cabinet width of 15”, and a height of 35”. The motor is very strong, with ⅓ horsepower and a ram force of 2300 lbs. This compactor provides an average of 75% reduction after a cycle. The cycle time is less than 30 seconds.

Built-In Compactor Features

A good safety feature is that it has a removable key lock to ensure that the drawer stays closed while it is being used. It is also able to automatically prevent jams; this feature is extremely beneficial because you will not have to worry about whether it would break if there is potential for a jam to occur for whatever reason. The compactor is easy to empty with a side release bin and a slide out/ removable drawer. You do need to use compactor bags for this unit, and this model comes with five for you to start out with.