Get Your Appliances Ready for Winter

Get Your Appliances Ready for Winter

As the cold weather approaches and Boston braces for Nor’easters, it’s just as important to service and prepare your appliances for winter, as it is to protect your water pipes and seal your house.

According to Economic Research, last year consumers spent more than $7B on household appliances and Statistica’s Global Consumer Survey found the majority of households have most of today’s most popular appliances.

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Why Prepare Your Appliances For Winter?

Cold weather can impact your appliances, particularly those in basements, garages, or outdoor spaces. From air conditioners to washing machines, your appliances need special attention to prevent damage from the elements.

Which Appliances To Prepare For Winter

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Refrigerators have hoses, which are susceptible to freezing. Especially if your refrigerator is connected to a water supply. If you have an extra fridge or freezer in the basement or garage, consider insulating those pipes. In weather that dips below 55 degrees, use a space heater just to be safe.

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Washing Machine

Like refrigerators, your washing machine has a water supply. Insulate your water pipes that are attached to the machine to prevent them from freezing. It’s also important to make sure any water that drains from the machine is free from obstruction. You don’t want it to freeze and create dangerous situations.

Air Conditioner / HVAC

Air Conditioner

HVAC systems provide both heat and cooling, as well as clean air. Those systems must be properly cared for year round. During the winter, excessive snow or ice accumulation can cause your unit to shut off.

Make sure your outdoor unit isn’t susceptible to snow accumulation. You can have a wall or fence around it to protect it from snowdrifts. Make sure you have enough clearance around the unit to access it, if you need to clean snow from it through the winter.

Ensure your home’s gutters are free of debris so water doesn’t accumulate and drip on your unit, freezing it.

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If you’ve used your stove and oven a lot, you should consider a thorough cleaning before you head into the seasons of family dinners and indoor cooking. Not only can built-up grease and oil post serious health risks, but cooking equipment is the leading cause of house fires, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

You should take time to remove all the burners and covers and wash thoroughly. Then remove any hidden baked-on or caked-on oils or debris and follow your manufacturer’s instructions on what types of products to use to clean the inside of the oven.

If your stove or oven has not been performing it’s best, you may want to consider scheduling a maintenance call to have a professional inspect it, just to be safe.

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Even though your grill is covered and tucked away safely, take time to clean it thoroughly and store any removable parts to prevent them getting damaged or lost. That way, when the spring returns, your grill will be ready to fire up!


Appliance maintenance is a necessary step to ensure you get the most bang for your buck. Your home’s appliances are an investment so taking these precautionary steps will help them to last longer and work better, when the snow stops and the ice melts.