How To Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

How To Plan Your Kitchen Renovation

If you’re considering a kitchen redo, there are a lot of things to keep in mind. Whether you’re renovating your old kitchen, or redoing a newly purchased home’s kitchen, having the right plan in place will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Reasons To Renovate Your Kitchen

If you’re looking for a reason to renovate the kitchen, chances are you’ve probably already decided to. The main reasons people renovate their kitchens are:

  • The kitchen is outdated
  • Increase the property value
  • Improve energy usage
  • Accommodate special needs, such as someone who needs lower countertops or sinks.
  • Change of scenery

Whatever your reason, it’s important to have a plan in place before you begin.

Planning Your Kitchen Renovation

A kitchen renovation does more than just give your kitchen a facelift. You’ll likely be changing things that might impact other areas of the house. Further, you might find, during your renovation, issues that are not apparent such as mold in the walls or ceilings, moisture, or unknown hazardous materials.

Determine Your Space

While you might think simply redoing the existing space is ideal, you might be surprised by how much more (or less) space you can get by being creative. For example, consider any nooks or closets you have that can be converted to create a larger kitchen area to use.

Once you have your space determined, you can work more realistically on your kitchen design.

Determine Must-Haves

Imagine having a new kitchen with the same issues you have now. Take time to sit down and write out the things you simply must have in your new space. More counter space? Less distance between the sink and the fridge? More outlets? Better lighting? Energy-efficient appliances? More storage? Perhaps a pantry?

Once you have figured out the must-haves, you can start working on a design.

Kitchen Renovation

Draft A Design (or Two)

You can start with a simple ruler, pencil, and graph paper to start toying with design ideas. Some tips when working on a design for your new kitchen include:

  • Keep your range on an exterior wall to make installing ventilation easier.
  • Browse through photos of kitchen designs for new ideas.
  • Consider vertical storage spaces.
  • Make sure your island has the right space between the other elements of the kitchen.
  • Consider different types of lighting: natural, and electric.
  • Consider which appliances you will include so you can adapt for the right space.

Once you have a basic idea of your design idea(s), you can lay them out on paid 3D house plan programs or use a free one like Sweet Home 3D by eTek, to get a feel for how it will be when finished.

Meet With a Pro

Speak with a professional contractor who can go over your designs. You can have the contractor explain the kinds of preparations you’ll need before getting started. Depending on the size and extent of your remodel, experts say a renovation can take anywhere from three to five months.

And, in that time, you’ll likely be at least mildly inconvenienced. You should be prepared with meal options that won’t require much use of your kitchen while it’s being redone.


A kitchen remodel is a great way to enhance your living space and increase the value and enjoyment of your home. Planning ahead and knowing the types of ranges, refrigerators, dishwashers, and other appliances you want in your dream kitchen, will make things go much more smoothly.