Introducing Boston Appliance Product Care

Introducing Boston Appliance Product Care

When you are purchasing appliances you like to think what you are getting will have a low chance of needing a repair. It’s what draws most people to specific brands. But even the best brands need service once in a while. When you purchase an appliance you also want to know that if you need a repair you have someone reliable to call and provide excellent appliance service. That’s where Boston Appliance Product Care comes in.

Boston Appliance Product Care Service, Maintenance, Installation, and Extended Warranties

Boston Appliance is very excited to introduce Boston Appliance Product Care, LLC. Product Care is an in-house full service appliance repair company operated by Boston Appliance. Doing our own repairs is highly beneficial to our customers. It gives us the opportunity to deliver the same level of trademark customer service they receive from our dedicated sales team.

Boston Appliance Product Care also allows us to offer the whole experience for a customer. From appliance sales, to service and maintenance. It’s nice to know you can purchase an item and know that the company will be with you the entire life of the product, and not just wash their hands of your relationship after the sale is done to move on to the next one.

Boston Appliance Product Care offers support and peace of mind without sacrificing honesty, integrity, and reliability.  Boston Appliance customers are now able to call  our store directly for service. There’s no need to be sent in different directions for repairs and service. It is a very exciting opportunity for us to serve our customers even better. We are thrilled to be able to offer this service for present and future customers alike.

We hope you never need to service your appliances. But if you do, you can count on us.