Jenn Air Pro Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range

Jenn Air Pro Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range

Jenn Air is making a name for itself by delivering high quality products. Their ranges are no exception. The Jenn Air Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range JDRP436WP offers its users a multitude of special features. Some of those features include, but are not limited to:

  1. 7 Inch full color LCD touch screen display allows you to effortlessly move through the ranges functions with ease.
  2. Jenn Air also offers a dual fan convection system. This delivers consistent results in all your convection cooking modes. This is done by distributing warm are via the convection fan more evenly throughout the cavity of the oven. Single Convection delivers air in the center directly on your food and moves outward. Dual convection delivers air which encompasses the entire oven cavity.
  3. Two 20K BTU Power Burners, Three 15K BTU Burners and One 5K BTU Burner. When some Pro Ranges offer Five 18K BTU and a 22K BTU, you can be assured that your Jenn Air Range gives you the versatility of having different size burners.
  4. Auto Convection Function: This function conveniently converts conventional cooking times and/or temperatures from any recipe to the appropriate convection settings, ultimately taking the guess work out of cooking and assuring perfect results every time.
  5. My Creations Setting allows you to combine up to three cooking modes, selecting the time and temperature for each mode and you can save those modes for later use, or deleted when you no longer need them.

The Jenn Air Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range

Jenn Air’s mission is to make it easier to delivery more consistent results when cooking. We are not all master chefs in the kitchen, but Jenn Air is there to help when your cooking skills fall a little short. To get more educated on this range or any Jenn Air Product check out your Boston Appliance Showroom at 60 Cummings Park Woburn, MA 01801, or call us at 781-935-2700.

JDRP436WP Jenn Air Professional Dual Fuel 6 Burner Range