Jenn-Air Wall Ovens by Series

Jenn-Air Wall Ovens by Series

Jenn Air is a division of the Whirlpool Company. Whirlpool is an American Company with a proven track record for over 100 years. Jenn Air is an exclusive brand that carries with it a quality reputation in all of their products, including their line of wall ovens. Designers love them because they are designed for any style kitchen, and consumers love them because they are high quality.

I would like to spend some time on three Jenn Air Double Wall Ovens and discuss some of the differences between the different models.

Jenn-Air Wall Ovens

Starting with the most basic of the models seen here: jjw2730ds  Includes highlights such as:

JJW2730DS Jenn-Air Wall Ovens

  • MultiMode® Convection in upper oven/Thermal in Lower Oven.
  • Both ovens are self-cleaning.
  • A 3200W Convection Element in the Upper Oven.
  • An easy glide roll out rack.
  • A 4.3” LCD touch screen display for setting any of the multiple cooking modes.
  • My Creations allows you to seamlessly combine up to three cooking modes to achieve perfect results for your favorite recipes.


JJW2830DS Jenn-Air Wall OvensMoving to the next model in the series seen here: jjw2830ds. You will enjoy all the amenities of the oven model above plus the availability of the MultiMode® Convection system in both ovens instead of just the top oven. Having convection in both ovens is a major benefit for families. This gives the cook more versatility to achieve perfect results for multiple dishes being cooked at the same time.


JJW3830DS Jenn-Air Wall OvensAnd if you really want your taste buds to dance consider the Jenn Air Double Wall Oven with V2™ Vertical Fan Convection seen here: jjw3830ds This oven will give you the benefits of the two ovens above plus a few more perks. Some of those include…

A V2™ Convection System delivers more consistent results by combining technology and innovation.
Dura-Finish Protection keeps the Stainless Steel finish looking brand new for years to come. Preventing yellowing and discoloration as you and your family enjoy years of exquisite meals.

A 7” LCD touch screen which displays in full color and allows the user to easily select any of the ovens functions.
Jenn Air Culinary Center: This mode customizes each cooking cycle based on a variety of preferences. Imagine seeing full color pictures of your foods, doneness levels, and pan types to help you achieve perfect results every time. The Jenn Air Culinary Center also offers an array of menu specific cooking tips.

Any one of these wall ovens will assist you in achieving great tasting foods. Each one of them have their own specific qualities that will help you easily prepare any of your favorite meals and they are all backed by the Jenn Air name.