Kitchen Appliance Shopping and Research

Kitchen Appliance Shopping and Research

When remodeling and kitchen appliance shopping, most people understand that it is the most important part of the house, and therefore will probably be more costly to renovate or remodel. Kitchens house the major appliances that families cook, clean, and cool food and dishes. It is where people gather during parties, and it is where a few ingredients can transform into a culinary masterpiece.

Kitchen Appliance Shopping

When shopping for a brand the ideal scenario is to get the best product for the best deal, or lowest price right? Not always. In some cases the best deal today, might not be the best deal 3 years down the road. Imagine you’re doing a kitchen renovation and you have a specific brand set in your mind, you know the brand well, you’ve heard great things about the brand. You’ve done your research, and even your neighbor, who you trust very well, says she loves the brand and it’s performance. You’re all set, and then sales person at the local appliance store shows you a brand that offers a free dishwasher, or a free hood, or some gimmicky promotion, and all of a sudden you’ve started thinking, well this is a great deal, right? No because most times when something is offered for free it is being paid for in one way or another, or the item you are getting for free is a very low end version of something. Nothing is free, if it were, you could just go in and take one off the shelf, figuratively speaking.

So let’s say you switch your gears when kitchen appliance shopping and go with this brand that gives away free dishwashers, or hoods, or whatever free item may be. Sure you have your free item, but are the other items better quality than the ones you gave up? When the dishwasher breaks down, because it’s a cheap dishwasher, is the company going to give you another one for free because you still own the rest of the appliances? I can say with 100% confidence that answer would be a “No.”

Look, every brand has a promotion in one form or another at some point. When you are serious about doing a kitchen remodel, or you are building a “forever” house, or any house in general, don’t abandon your beliefs for a free item, if you like a brand, like it for its performance, make sure it’s features match up to what your lifestyle dictates. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends and neighbors what they think, they will not lie to you, they have nothing to gain or lose. Most importantly when you do make your final decision ask yourself this question, “Am I buying the best appliance package because of the research that I did, or because someone dangled a free item in front of me?”