LG Styler

LG Styler

The LG Styler with Mirror

Ok, the LG Styler is an item that may seem out of reach. Something that we say, if we could have anything, we would have this. Well, I’m here to tell you, you can.

My family spends around $1,820 a year on dry cleaning and pressing. That is close to the cost of the LG Styler! It would cut out the trips to the dry cleaner, saving my time and money on gas.

LG Styler Features

I get way more out of this than I imagined. I can throw my pillows in there to sanitize them, this is great for people who suffer severe allergies. My son’s stuffed animals, which is detrimental during the school year, that is our peak germ season. If you have anyone in your family that plays sports, this is awesome to kill germs and odors from their sportswear as well.

The LG Styler is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America reducing bacteria and fungi by over 99%. I also love the warming feature, I have thrown in my blanket before bed, it is so cozy to have a warmed blanket to go to bed with in the New England winter. Of course, you can warm you towels, these are the nice extras you get along with this product. I love this feature, low-temperature drying system it dries clothing and your delicates you normally dry on a rack much faster than air-drying. I use this for sweaters, a lot.

LG Styler Clothing Steamer

Of course, it is a steamer and helps with reducing wrinkles, LG Styler’s deep-penetrating steam and gently moving hangers steam your clothes and leave you feeling refreshed. It also has a feature to press your pants just like they do at the dry cleaners, it really leaves such a nice crease my picky husband even approves. I have mine in my closet, it looks amazing. Plus, it comes in white or espresso to complement any design!