Our Most Popular Bosch Dishwasher of 2015 – Bosch 24” Pocket Handle 500 Series

Bosch 24" Pocket Handle Dishwasher 500 Series - Stainless Steel Model # SHP65TL5UC

Bosch Dishwasher 24” Pocket Handle 500 Series – Stainless Steel / Model # SHP65TL5UC

Bosch has been a reliable and affordable brand when it comes to getting our dishes cleaned efficiently. One of their newest dishwashers (SHP65TL5UC) has set a new standard comparing to most reasonably priced dishwashers. Not only did their sleek and appealing appearance help make this particular dishwasher popular, you would be surprised how many great features it offers.

The Look

We value our kitchen because we spend most of our time in there when we’re home. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a pleasing Kitchen? Bosch Dishwashers will give your kitchen a simple yet elegant look with its stainless steel, smooth 24’’ pocket handle. Like most dishwashers, the control panels are located at the top of the door. If you’re aiming for a modern luxurious look, this is a great choice.

The Convenience

Bosch 24" Pocket Handle Dishwasher 500 Series - Stainless Steel Model # SHP65TL5UCNot only does this model look luxurious, it offers features usually found in more expensive dishwashers. When I load my dishes into a dishwasher, one thing I can’t seem to ignore is the space I’m limited with, especially with all my cooking utensils. The SHP65TL5UC provides a third rack for holding extra silverware. It’s located at the very top with 3 slots for all types of silverware. This extra rack allows you to be more flexible. For example, keeping the knives out of the way and safe.


Peace & Quiet

It does the job right and does it silently. Bosch is very popular and known to be one of the quietest dishwasher brands. However, it can be tricky to determine when the washing cycle is completed if it’s too quiet, right? Another useful feature the SHP65TL5UC offers is the InfoLight. This light beams onto your floor to indicate that the dishwasher is currently running. This cool feature can help avoid disturbing the cycle and with just a quick glance, you know whether the dishes are done or not.

Clean Dishes Your Way

Bosch 24" Pocket Handle Dishwasher 500 Series - Stainless Steel Model # SHP65TL5UCThe SHP65TL5UC includes 5 programs and 6 options. Some of those options include Heavy, Auto, Express & Rinse. For customoptions, it has SpeedPerfect, Delicate, Sanatize & Extra Shine. The SpeedPerfect and Extra Shine programs help differentiate this particular dishwasher from others.

SpeedPerfect is a great option that reduces cycle time, while maintaining its cleaning performance, and completing up to 50% faster. In other words, it’s convenient when you need these dishes done quickly and want them spotless. Speaking of spots, the option of Express Shine is a program that extends the drying time. It will help to give your glasses a spotless, glossy look.

Bosch was successful in designing the quietest dishwasher brand and now offers models with more flexibility. The SHP65TL5UC is one of the most popular models out there. You can’t go wrong with a dishwasher that is reliable, and offers great features at an affordable price.


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