Here’s the State-of-the-Art Wolf Kitchen We Brought to the NE Home Show

Here’s the State-of-the-Art Wolf Kitchen We Brought to the NE Home Show

We’re gutting our showroom in preparation for the New England Home Show, which takes place this weekend at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. In addition to the wide selection of pieces we will put on display, Boston Appliance has partnered with Clarke (distributor of Sub-Zero and Wolf) to sponsor a live Wolf kitchen at the show.

And who take command of that kitchen? None other than 2012 Top Chef winner Kristen Kish. She’ll be there Saturday, Nov. 2nd from noon-2pm, whipping up a live cooking demonstration and answering any questions you may have.

With such talent at the controls, we know we will get a lot of questions about the cooking equipment used in the demonstration. We wanted to take this opportunity to give you a sneak peak at the Wolf cooking products we will be featuring in our live kitchen.

Wolf Built-In Convection Steam Oven – Model CSO24


Steam cooking is for more than just vegetables. Wolf’s CSO24 convection steam oven combines convection and steam cooking for an oven that can prepare a wide range of foods. Steam cooking seals in moisture and flavor for roasts, baked goods and yes, savory steamed vegetables.

Steam is 25% faster than other cooking methods. With a modular rack system to make the most of the CSO24’s category-leading capacity, this is an incredibly versatile unit capable of preparing multiple dishes at once.

Distinguishing features of the CSO24:

  • At 1.8 cubic feet, interior cavity is 25% larger than next-best model in its class
  • Only steam model with a water tank that can be refilled without disturbing the cooking process

Wolf Built-In Wall Oven – Model SO302


Shown here with two units built-in side by side, the Wolf SO302 30″ Wall Oven does everything your standard range does–except take up space on your kitchen floor.

With ten cooking modes and a dual-convection fan system, the SO302 is a full-featured oven which heats food more evenly and efficiently than standard single-convection systems. Dual-convection really shines when the oven holds more than one dish at the same time.

Wolf builds its cooking products for convenience and consistent results. The built-in temperature probe alerts you when your food is cooked through, and select models are compatible with home automation systems, allowing you to check in on longer recipes remotely.

Wolf Induction Cooktop – Models CT15IS & CT30IS


15″ 2-burner model: CT15IS
30″ 4-burner model: CT30IS (pictured)

I love the concept of induction cooking. It uses magnetic heat transference between the cooktop surface and the pan, which accounts for 90-95% energy transfer. Less heat escaping into the air means blazing fast prep time.

As with gas cooktops, induction also responds instantaneously to temperature changes for more precise control. Unlike other models, induction cooktops are safer because they don’t give off heat – all the heat is generated in the bottom of the pan.

It may be hard to visualize how this works, so here you go:


The pan itself generates heat; the egg directly on the cooking surface is still raw, even though the heating element is running directly beneath it.

Not only is induction faster, it’s also safer, especially for families who are interested in keeping curious young children out of danger.

See Wolf Cooking in Action at the New England Home Show

As we mentioned above, we will have all these Wolf products on display at the New England Home Show this weekend, 11/1 to 11/3 at the Seaport World Trade Center in Boston. 2012 Top Chef Winner Kristen Kish will be doing a live cooking demonstration, so you’ll get a taste of how a world-class chef handles world-class cooking equipment.

We would love for you to say hello, have a bite to eat and answer any questions you may have. Tickets are only $6 when you buy online ($7 at the door).

We’re also excited to announce that we are giving away a $1000 gift card to celebrate the launch of the new Boston Appliance online storefront. The contest closes after the home show is over, but you still have time to register to win by clicking the button below.

Doesn’t your home deserves an upgrade? Who knows – this time next week, you could have a grand to put toward state-of-the-art Wolf cooking equipment.