New Choice for Fully Integrated Built In Refrigerators

New Choice for Fully Integrated Built In Refrigerators

Fully integrated refrigerators usually came with an expensive price tag, but not anymore since Fisher and Paykel introduced their line of built in fully integrated refrigeration. First off, let’s briefly discuss what fully integrated refrigerator is. Fully integrated refrigerators are refrigerators that fit seamlessly in your cabinetry with a flush look. The difference between a built in, and a built in fully integrated is the door will not stand proud, it will be flush. Check out this picture for a visual explanation:

Fisher and Paykel Built In Seamless Refrigerators

Fisher and Paykel’s fully integrated refrigerator slated for release sometime in September / October gives consumers the choice to replace their old built in refrigerator which has an 84” cutout with their model at a price starting at $5299. Not only does Fisher and Paykel give you that choice, but for new construction, or complete kitchen remodels, consumers have a choice of a 72” version at a price of under $4000. By having these two choices Fisher and Paykel has opened the doors for more people to enjoy the look of a fully integrated refrigerators.

The Smart Refrigerator

Looks are not everything, performance and functionality play a key factor in all appliances, especially in refrigeration. You’ve heard of a smartphone, but have you heard of a smart refrigerator? Fisher and Paykel’s trademarked ActiveSmart Technology uses a microprocessor, interior temperature sensors, independently controlled variable speed fans and multiple air ducts to control how the refrigerator operates based on changing patterns of refrigerator use. The sensors continually send information to the microprocessor which analyzes the use and adjusts the fans accordingly. Continuous feedback means your refrigerator operates based on your lifestyle. One of the benefits of this technology is that your food stays fresher longer.

Fisher and Paykel Refrigerators

Fisher and Paykel is a brand that has been gaining recognition through their innovative designs, quality products, and responsive representation. For more information on the Fisher and Paykel appliance line stop into your local Boston Appliance Showroom at 60 Cummings Park Drive Woburn, MA.