The New Wolf M Series Built-In Ovens

New M Series Wolf Wall Oven Will Have You Saying “Mmmmm”

It is well known that Wolf Appliances are synonyms with high end luxury. Everything they do, they do it the best, and do not cut any corners. Wolf is always, like most companies, looking for ways to improve their brand. After in-depth marketing Wolf has unveiled their M Series Wall Oven.

The Wolf M Series Built-In Ovens boasts many innovative features such as 10 different cooking modes, with traditional modes like Bake, Broil and Roast in Convection, or Non Convection and more unique modes like Stone for pizza and Dehydrate, or you can Just dial into The Gourmet mode which is an intuitive menu of presets that makes your more commonly prepared dishes quick and easy.

Wolf M Series Built-In Ovens

Wolf M Series Built-In Ovens

One of the most important upgrades in the Wolf M Series Built-In Ovens is the Dual Verticross Convection System. Traditionally the Wolf Wall Ovens used two convection fans to delivery heated air throughout the cavity of the oven. The Dual Verticross Convection System evenly distributes heated air throughout the cavity. With traditional convection systems foods were subject to hot and cold spots, but with the Wolf M Series; quickly preheats the oven cavity with heated air evenly throughout all racks. This innovation not only allows you to have extra usable space in the oven, but also takes the guess work out of preparing meals. The dish you get is every bit as mouthwatering as the dish you had in mind.

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