Our 3 Most Popular Kitchen Appliance Packages In 2013

In addition to our consumer-focused showroom in South Boston, a large portion of our business comes from ongoing partnerships with real estate developers in the region. We have provided kitchens for rentals, mid-market and upscale homes in New England for the last 50 years.

More so than most dealers and big box stores, we’re in tune with kitchen design trends in the kitchen, because developers constantly give us feedback on what matters most to renters and buyers.

We answer the same 3 questions over and over again:

  1. Is it a good value?
  2. Will it look good?
  3. What are the differentiating features between brands in my price range?

Appliance packages are closely tied to the value of the property they inhabit. We would never recommend anyone “outspend” the value of their property; likewise, high-end homes deserve to be outfitted with high-end design, convenience and functionality.

#2 and #3 – aesthetics and feature set – dictate purchases more than anything, and our records show buyers with similar budgets make the same decisions over and over again.

For this reason, our most popular appliance packages predictably sort themselves into well-defined tiers based on price. We took a look at our order history in 2013 to see if we could spot our “go-to” packages in each particular price range. Our sales figures point to 3 clear winners.

Here are our most popular kitchen appliance packages this year.

Under $2000

Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages

Frigidaire Stainless Steel Appliance Package (with gas range)

  • What You Get: NFTR18X4PS, FFGF3053LS, FFBD2411NS, FFMV164LS
  • Why You’ll Like It: Frigidaire is a trusted brand name with a great service reputation. This package puts true stainless steel appliances in your kitchen at the right price point. Like all of our featured kitchen packages, all pieces meet Energy Star certification standards. (In fact, the top-freezer refrigerator in this package will probably use a little less energy than either the Electrolux or Bosch pieces featured below.)

Under $4500

Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages Kitchen Appliance Packages

Bosch Stainless Steel Appliance Package (with gas range)

  • What You Get: B22CS30SNS, HGS3053UC, SHE3ARL5UC, HMV3051U
  • Why You’ll Like It: Cabinet-depth refrigerator with ice and water in the freezer door. Gas range with convection oven and 5th burner on the range top. Fully stainless steel appliances for increased durability and efficiency.

Under $6500

Kitchen Appliance PackagesKitchen Appliance PackagesKitchen Appliance PackagesKitchen Appliance Packages

Electrolux Stainless Steel Appliance Package (with gas range)

  • What You Get: EI23BC35KS, EI30GF35JS, EIDW5705PSEI30SM55JS
  • Why You’ll Like It: French door refrigerators provide the best combinatoin of storage capacity, versatility and convenience, with full-width shelves located within arm’s reach. If you prefer no water/icemaker, the version without it hides temperature controls on the inner edge of the door (so they face you when the door is open). Plenty of people choose this for the minimal stainless kitchen look. You also get a true convection oven with fast preheat, a dishwasher with an adjustable 3rd rack, and gorgeous IQ touch controls across the whole package.

All of these packages outpaced other options in their price tier, at least as far as sales figures are concerned. Of course, there’s plenty of wiggle room to swap out units as you see fit, depending on your home’s fuel hookup and your personal tastes. It’s a great idea to start with these as a base, then tweak and customize the lineup until you arrive at your dream kitchen.

If you’re putting together a kitchen in New England, give us a call at (617) 268-7500. With over half a century building kitchens under our belt, we’ll point you toward the most amazing appliances you can fit in your budget.


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