Raise Your Glass to Better Wine Preservation. SUB-ZERO wine storage simply is the best!!!

Raise Your Glass to Better Wine Preservation. SUB-ZERO wine storage simply is the best!!!



About Sub-Zero:
A third-generation, family-owned company, Sub-Zero appliances are constructed by hand in the United States using premium-grade materials. Developed with and for the design community and the discerning homeowner, Sub-Zero products offer limitless design possibilities backed by more than 65 years of appliance expertise.

The Product:
Far More than Just a Wine Chiller – Sub-Zero Protects Your Wine. Sub-Zero wine storage is built to defeat the enemies of your wine: heat, light, humidity and vibration. The best way to fight the heat is to maintain a constant temperature and stop those swings. Sub-Zero wine storage units have up to three independently controlled storage zones. Dial in the temperature you desire for each zone — from 39°F to 65°F — and electronic controls hold it rock steady To protect your wine investment as well as your enjoyment of your wines, the storage unit may be tied into your home security system.
From an undercounter, 15” wide model to a full height 84” model, Sub-Zero has the perfect wine preservation solution for you. Sub-Zero’s six wine-storage products offer limitless design options. Classic stainless or with any custom cabinetry you desire. Undercounter, freestanding, all wine or with refrigerated storage drawers. Storage capacities range from 26 to 147 bottles. Sub-Zero shuts out the harmful light also Sub-Zero shields wine from harmful rays with UV-resistant, bronze-tinted glass. Your wine will be both beautifully protected and gloriously displayed. Humidity can be the friend or the enemy. When it comes to humidity, wine appreciates moderation. To keep corks from drying out and letting the wine oxidize, Sub-Zero technology ensures sufficient moisture in the air. An excess of humidity can create problems of its own, so it’s important to keep a balance. Vibration can be a problem, disturbing sediment that should be settled inside the bottle. Sediment constantly circulating throughout the wine can cause problems with aging and oxidation. A rough, noisy compressor doesn’t just disturb the wine; it disturbs the peace of your household. Sub-Zero’s exceptionally quiet compressor rests on isolation mounts to minimize sound and vibration. Bottles are cradled on rustproof, coated shelves that glide out smoothly on a roller assembly, further protecting against agitation.


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