Range Comparison: Jenn-Air vs Thermador

Jenn-Air vs Thermador

You are redoing a kitchen, or building a new house. The contractor tells you to pick an appliance package.  You are smart and you go to one company and they tell you how great one brand is, let’s say  Jenn-Air, then you go to another company, having already fallen in love with the first brand, and they tell you that you have to do another brand, let’s say that one is Thermador. Now you need to do a range comparison to decide what works best for you. Let’s take a look at Jenn-Air vs Thermador.

For the purposes of this blog I will be comparing the differences between the Thermador 36” Dual Fuel Pro Harmony Range with Griddle  and the Jenn Air 36” Pro Style Range with Griddle and Multimode Convection.

For Transparency purposes I would like to note that Boston Appliance does not sell Thermador Products, however I will do my best to be unbiased in my findings.

Most people first look at price between the two models, and rightfully so. You want an excellent appliance at the best price. The Thermador Range comes in at a price of $9499, while the Jenn Air comes in at a price of $7499. But why are you paying extra for the Thermador? Is it really that much better? Can I get the same, if not better, results from a Jenn-Air?

Jenn-Air vs Thermador

Jenn-Air vs Thermador: Features

Let’s compare Jenn-Air vs Thermador and some key features of each range and determine what the best choice is. Jenn-Air burners are a powerful 20K BTU Each, while the Thermador boasts a 22K BTU Star Burner. Advantage goes to Thermador. This basically means water will boil faster on a Thermador, however the difference in time would probably be no more than 30 seconds. The Jenn Air Griddle is made of thick chrome. Thermador’s griddle is made of Cast aluminum metal coated with a fusion coating to make it non-stick. The advantage of this goes to the Jenn Air. Chrome is a material that will last forever and never scratch. Cleaning it is a breeze and it is a non-porous material therefore it will not stain.

Jenn Air’s oven capacity is slightly smaller than that of the Thermador by half a cubic foot. 5.6 vs 5.1, and both have soft close doors and easy glide oven racks and a powerful 8 pass broil element. Jenn Air and Thermador both utilize convection cooking modes to distribute heat evenly through the oven cavity. Jenn Air has a slight advantage because they use two fans through an oval distribution to evenly distribute hot air throughout the cavity. This circulates air more evenly.

Some of the innovative things Jenn Air has is a 7” full color touch screen LCD Display which allows you to navigate with ease through different menu selections. The Automatic Convection Conversion automatically converts cooking times and temperatures from any recipe appropriately for convection cooking. Jenn Air also has a “My Creations” feature which allows you to combine up to three modes, selecting the time and temperature for each mode which can be saved for later use or deleted when no longer needed.

Thermador also has some features of their own that make their range attractive. Their burners are star shaped which makes the total surface area that the flame hits the pan larger. This distributes heat faster to the pan and therefore cuts down on your cooking time. The Thermador also boasts a very low simmer burner, however I have heard that the burner will make a click click sound when it is trying to reignite. Thermador also gives you a stronger griddle element.

To make your decision easier you must ask yourself a few questions. Most times projects are price driven. The Thermador is $9499 and the Jenn Air is $7499. There are specific things about the Thermador that the Jenn Air does not have, and there are specific things about the Jenn Air that the Thermador does not have. Whether it is worth the $2000 difference is up to you.

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