Washer and Dryer Sets from Speed Queen

Washer and Dryer Sets from Speed Queen

My washer and dryer are officially dead. It is the second set in 10 years. And the prices keep going up! You would think the quality would as well, and that is not always the case.

Well, when my 1st set went out about 5 years ago, my neighbor told me to buy a Speed Queen. She lives for hers. She claims they are very tough, and seem to last forever. I looked at them and they just weren’t the “look” I wanted. I wanted pretty! Here we are 2 sets later and hers are still going strong- not even a service call in ten years!

So here I am, seriously looking into the machines she loves. What I have found is that Speed Queen engineers have truly looked at each machine from every angle. Scrutinizing how they could take their previously industry-led features and designs, and make them even more powerful, durable, and user-friendly. That’s what Speed Queen is truly all about.
I looked at the 7 series in the Speed Queen family and found they lead with a 10,400-cycle life. Considering the industry average of 8 washes per week a Speed Queen should last 25 years! This is significantly higher than most competitor products with larger interior volumes.

Washer and Dryer by Speed Queen

Washer and Dryer Features

Simple but tough, eight cleaning cycles, the Speed Queen washer has an auto-fill function that’s designed to sense the amount of water needed for each wash run. You can also choose your own fill level if you prefer. The machines have 22 pounds of laundry capability per cycle. The dryers can sense moisture content and adjust drying time to prevent excessive drying. The features are just what you need, no more, no less. These are no frills machines! There’s no app, no detergent reservoir or anything else as far as advanced features go.

I look forward to not having to make this purchase again in 5 years. I don’t need the frills and pretty designs any more. I am not missing one thing; these washer and dryer sets have everything I actually need and more.