Sub-Zero 30″ Panel Ready Tall Refrigerator And Bottom Freezer With Ice Maker

Let’s talk about the 30″ Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerator and bottom freezer with ice maker (IT30CILH). This model is 84 inches tall and consists of 10.6 cubic feet of refrigerator storage, and 5.0 cubic feet of freezer storage within two drawers. One of the best features of this refrigerator is the dual refrigeration. This means that there are separate cooling systems for the refrigerator and the freezer. This allows the different types of foods at the best temperature to make sure everything is fresh for as long as possible. It also prevents freezer burn and frost in the freezer. This model does have an ice maker as well, with different settings for how often you would like it to produce ice.

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerator

Sub-Zero Integrated Refrigerator Features

The IT30CILH provides multiple ways to ensure the maximum freshness of the food that is kept in the fridge. One of the ways is the antimicrobial air purification system. This cleans the air of any mold, viruses, and bacteria every 20 minutes. There are also different storage zones for foods that require a lower temperature, or high humidity. You would also not have to worry about the cleanliness of your water because this fridge has a water filtration system as well.

This model is very easy to use with its touchscreen control panel. It allows you to control the temperatures and customize your settings to be exactly how you want them. The lighting inside the refrigerator consists of energy efficient LED lights that can also be controlled with the touchscreen panel. Another great feature of this model is the thin layer of coating on each shelf; this prevents spills from spreading and makes cleanup very easy.

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