Sub-Zero Refrigerators Built to Last and Made in the USA

Sub-Zero Refrigerators Built to Last and Made in the USA

Thinking about Sub-Zero Refrigerators? Here’s a few stories from actual owners that shows what American made quality is all about.

These days, most people won’t expect an appliance to last more than a handful of years. (It’s that whole “planned obsolescence” thing.) But Sub-Zero is different. Made in their US facilities with premium materials, quality craftsmanship and extensive testing, their products are built to last not just years, but decades.

Recently, Sub-Zero spoke with a few of their appliance owners and learned more about their Sub-Zero experience.

Sub-Zero Refrigerators – Built to Last

Barbara Smith remembers the night a bad thunderstorm flashed through High Point, North Carolina. “It killed a tree in our backyard. It knocked out one of our TVs and our garage door opener. And it ran in and burned out the compressor and controls in our refrigerator,” she says. The refrigerator was a Sub-Zero side-by-side model she and her husband had owned for 41 years. “I really hated to lose it. We loved that refrigerator!”

In its place, the Smiths bought themselves a brand new Sub-Zero 36-inch built-in refrigerator.

Marilyn Cranin of Hewlett, New York, owned her Sub-Zero refrigerator for 48 years. She’d probably still have it, if it wasn’t for her daughter.

“About eight years ago, we decided to remodel our kitchen,” says Marilyn. “My daughter said, ‘How can you spend all this money and leave a 48-year-old refrigerator?’ That made sense to me, although I hated to give it up.”

Even people who are initially hesitant about the cost of a Sub-Zero are won over by its reliability.

“I used to think our Sub-Zero 561 side-by-side was a hugely overpriced appliance when I purchased it back in 1989,” says Michael Buday of Dana Point, California. “Yes, it looked great and fit perfectly into our new (at the time) kitchen – but it seemed like monetary overkill … 22 years and another kitchen remodel later, I no longer feel that way.”

These are just a few of the stories only Sub-Zero owners can tell. Sub-Zero builds their products as well as they know how, to deliver exceptional performance for decades so happy memories – along with fresh taste – live on and on.

Article courtesy of the Sub-Zero refrigerators blog

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