Thermador 24″ Sapphire Dishwasher

Thermador 24″ Sapphire 6-Program Panel Ready Dishwasher

The Thermador 24 inch Sapphire Panel Ready Dishwasher (DWHD650JPR) would be a great addition to your kitchen. The tub material is stainless steel, which is made to resist rusting and any other kind of damage. It has a control panel that is stainless steel as well. Of course when you start to look for a dishwasher, you would want one that you know is going to provide the best possible clean. This dishwasher is a great option to consider because it is efficient and powerful, while also being very quiet (42 decibels). Since the unit is so quiet, there is a blue indicator light to notify you that it is actually running. There is also a Sapphire Glow internal light that allows you to easily see every item inside the dishwasher.

There are 6 wash cycle programs, which are: pots and pans, auto, normal, quick, hand wash, and rinse. These settings cover everything from the most powerful wash, to the most delicate wash; and accommodate a wide range of specific items. A feature of this particular model that sets it apart from other models is the wide space that it has inside. It has flexible folding tines that are able to fit items twice as wide as standard models, and they fold down to fit larger pots and pans. A few other features that the DWHD650JPR has are: crystal protection, a PowerBoost option, Sens-A-Wash, extra dry, and a sprinkler for extra tall items. If you want to load it up during the day and then run it at night, there is a delay start option so you can decide the most convenient time to start the wash cycle. The dosage assist will ensure that your detergent tablets are broken down and utilized in the most efficient way. With this dishwasher, you can always be confident that your dishes will be washed and dried perfectly.

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Thermador DWHD650JPR dishwasher

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