Top Load vs. Front Load Laundry

Top Load vs. Front Load Laundry

When choosing a set of laundry the question of top load vs front load always comes up. What is better? The answer is only attained by first asking yourself “what do I need?”

Both versions of laundry will have high efficiency options. Most people think that front load laundry doesn’t use enough water. But some brands, like the Electrolux “627” series has a “Stain Soak” function which allows you to soak your stained clothes before the wash cycle starts. Top load will have a selection to put in as much water as you want.

Top Load vs. Front Load

Front load units have a tendency to smell after a while. Keeping the door open, and not leaving wet clothes in the washing machine plays an integral role in keeping your washing machine fresh. Front load washing machines are also programmed to tell you when it is appropriate to clean your washer. A clean washer cycle flushes out the inside. This leaves your washing machine fresh and ready for the next load of clothes.

Top load laundry is not as prone to have the bad odor like the front loads do, however it’s not impossible. Front load laundry can be stacked with a proper stacking kit. However, top load washers need to be next to the dryer, and they cannot be stacked. Top load washers also have what’s called an “agitator” but in some instances, the “agitator” damages clothes, where the front load will never have an agitator. The constant spinning drum is sufficient for cleaning clothes according to most.

Both styles of laundry are great and will service it’s main function of cleaning your clothes. Boston Appliance sells both styles and are happy to help you with your laundry inquires. Stop by the showroom at 60 Cummings Park Dr Woburn, MA 01801 to take a look at some front load and top load laundry sets.

Top Load vs Front Load Laundry