Ventless Dryers

Ventless Dryers

electrolux ventless dryer

Going Ventless

Here in New England we have many homes from the Colonial Era. This can be challenging when you want modern convenience added to your family life. These centuries-old buildings can make large vented dryers unfeasible. Compact, ventless dryers are often the only option for many. This brings up a couple of common questions, Are ventless dryers safe? Are ventless dryers efficient?

Ventless Dryer Safety

To summarize, yes, ventless dryers are safe. They are manufactured to be safe, efficient, and effective. When used properly, ventless dryers will run safely and smoothly for years. There’s also no need to worry about removing the lint from the trap or a vent, which means you inherently reduce the fire risks associated with drying your laundry indoors.

Are Ventless Dryers More Efficient?

Energy use is actually lower with a ventless dryer! With a heat pump dryer, the air used to dry your clothes is always warm because it is reused, which reduces the energy requirements needed to constantly warm up cold air. Although some models may take longer to dry your clothes than a high-powered vented model, you’ll find that the utility cost savings of a ventless model can add up over the lifespan of the unit.

Some popular, and well reviewed ventless dryer models include: Electrolux EFDE210TIW, Miele TWI180, LG DLEC888W, Fisher & Paykel DE4024P1, GE GFT14ESSLWW, Bosch WTG86401UC, and the Blomberg DHP24412W.

Overall when a vented dryer is not an option, it is nice to know there are reliable options. There are other pros too. These dryers can go just about anywhere, some people rave about theirs being in the main closet and how convenient that has been for them.

Last but not least, a lower heat setting than its vented counterparts, means your clothing can make it through the laundry with less stretching, shrinking, or other quality issues. If you find that your clothes don’t fit well after a couple of cycles through the laundry, then moving to a ventless model can potentially decrease your clothing expenses over time.