Warming Drawers

I often hear the question, are warming drawers worth it? It is in my eyes considered a luxury for sure, if you can, I say it’s a definite do!

For instance, here in New England it can get chilly. My coffee almost always gets cold before I can finish it. Always! How nice would it be to have a drawer that warms your coffee cups before each use, for me that alone makes it worthwhile. Not only will it warm your coffee cups to make your coffee stay hot longer, but your towels too! I never in my life would have thought I would say this as I am from the south and we do not need one thing to help us stay warm, but here we are.

Warming Drawers

The more traditional use for warming drawers in any region is that they’re helpful in a busy household with different schedules. My son sleeps in on the weekends and that is when I make a big breakfast. In the old days before a warming drawer I would keep his food in the oven at a low temperature until he woke up. This keeps the food much better; it really keeps it as if I just made it for him no matter what time he awakes. It is also more energy efficient; I like that as we are making big efforts in trying to be more environmentally conscious. My sister loves to bake and now takes over my kitchen during the holidays. Warming drawers help her dough to rise, who knew! Now she pushes out double her usual, and we love it!

As far as taking up space which I hear that to be a concern for some, I have two in my kitchen! One is used for the food warming and the other I use for my coffee cups and some of our bowls. Since I have transferred my bowls and plates to the drawer, I really don’t see it as taking anything, it is making my space more functional as I really use both drawers each and every day. I also hear people saying they don’t host a lot of parties therefore don’t think they would get much use and I disagree. I don’t host any parties and I use it everyday during the fall and winter. If your budget allows, then it is just the right touch for added comfort to your life.

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