The Wolf 36” Transitional Induction Range

The Wolf 36” Transitional Induction Range

Let’s talk about the Wolf 36” transitional induction range. How exactly is cooking with induction different from gas or electric? It uses electromagnetism to create heat when a pan is placed on the burner. The pan itself becomes the heat source for cooking instead of heating the pan from outside of it. This allows food to cook more safely and quickly while also using less energy. The part that I think is especially cool is that no heat is produced unless there is a pan on the cooking zone.


Now let’s get back to the oven itself. This oven consists of a dual convection oven, as well as the induction cooktop. The cooktop has five induction zones and overall it can handle many different pan sizes. It delivers very quick high heat, or very low lows. There is even a melt setting and a true simmer setting, as well as a temperature probe that alerts you when your dish has reached its desired temperature. The convection oven has dual fans which each have their own heating elements. Heat and airflow is controlled, which produces consistently even cooking results; this is also true for when multiple racks are being used. There are ten automatic cooking modes, which will allow you to do a very wide range of cooking. The different modes are bake, roast, broil, convection, convection bake, convection roast, convection broil, bake stone, proof, and dehydrate.

Induction Range Cleaning

What’s the next step after cooking? Cleaning, of course! This oven makes it very easy because the convection oven is self-cleaning, and the cooktop is made of black ceramic glass which can be cleaned very quickly and easily. The aesthetic is also a very important aspect since it is something that you would be looking at every day. The inside of the oven is cobalt blue porcelain. You also have a choice of red, black, or brushed stainless control knobs. The best part is that Wolf products are designed to last at least 20 years of heavy use. I would say that this product would certainly be worth the money because this is a reliable brand who offers top of the line cooking technology in a very user-friendly way.