Wolf Built In Coffee Maker

Ever since the Keurig coffee maker came out, single cup coffee systems have become a staple in any coffee drinker’s kitchen. The variety of flavors available is too long to list at this point and there is definitely something for everyone. It’s all about the convenience, but some might say quality was lost in translation somewhere along the way.

The Wolf Built In Coffee Maker System

The Wolf Coffee Maker

That’s where the Wolf built-in coffee system comes in. I’ve been using this system for more than a few months now. I would have to say I enjoy my morning coffee now, more than I did going into any local coffee shop in recent memory.

There are 2 ways the Wolf Coffee Maker works. You can make your coffee with either beans or grounds. If you choose beans, there is a grinder built in. If you prefer grounds, then you use a scoop before every cup of coffee. You can choose the strength and the size of your coffee.

Different drink options are available if a regular coffee is too simple for your taste. You can make all kinds of coffee including Lattes and Cappuccino. If tea is your thing, or even if you want instant hot water for oatmeal, or hot chocolate, there is a nozzle attachment for that also!

The removable milk reservoir has different settings for frothing consistency. Because the reservoir is separate, there is never milk running through the coffee maker. This makes for much easier maintenance.

This unit is for a built-in application only but can be installed flush with cabinet fronts for a clean and elegant look if desired. If you are the type who likes to entertain and you want to impress your guests with a gourmet cup of coffee, this is the way to go. Besides, it beats waiting in line, right??

The Wolf Built In Coffee Maker System

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